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Virtus provides a comprehensive suite of services no matter what life stage you are in

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan should be the cornerstone of every financial decision that a family makes.  It should define the short and long term action items to achieve the goals you have in life.  We talk a lot about goal-based investing.  This concept involves your advisor understanding more about what you're trying to accomplish throughout life so that we can be sure to put those goals in front of the investment plan.  

Wealth Management

What is a fiduciary?  In short, an advisor acting under this capacity MUST put the interests of the client first.  To most of us, this should be common sense.  However, many in the industry wear two hats.  One as a financial advisor where they charge a fee for advice and/or management services.  The other is where they have the ability to sell you products where they are representing a company or issuer and are paid a commission.  Comission-based products present an inherent conflict of interest.  Neither is necessarily a better arrangement but the client needs to be aware of how their advisor is compensated on any products or services they recommend.

At Virtus Financial Partners we do not recommend nor sell any commissionable investments. We are strictly a fee-only practice.  Please review our Service Offerings and Fee Schedule below to learn more about how we work with our clients.

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Practice Owner Benefits

Business owners have a very unique set of opportunities and issues when it comes to their financial plan.  Many are faced with a higher tax burden due to their level of income compared to those of an associate.  However, if implemented and managed properly, a business owner can adopt certain benefits to help them proactive tax planning.  As one of the leaders in providing these services to dental practice owners, we've seen that many plans that are implemented are not operating efficiently.  These plans need to be designed properly at the onset and then reviewed and managed annually to maximize the owners benefits while providing an invaluable addition to the staff's compensation package.  

Defined Contribution  |  Profit-sharing  |  Defined Benefit  |  Solo K  |  SEP/SIMPLE IRAs

Personal & Business Lines of Insurance

The foundation of a solid financial plan is family and asset protection.  As you begin your career it is important to look at products like disability income insurance to protect your most valuable asset - your ability to earn an income.  As you might already know, dentists experience a much higher rate of disabilities than the average worker in this country.  It is important to protect yourself from these unforeseen events. As you start a family you need to start looking at protecting your loved ones against the debt you carry as well as providing them with enough assets to continue your financial plan without your income.  If you become a practice owner this will compound the need for protection.  Not only do you have to protect yourself but you also will need to protect your practice and possibly the real estate it work out of.  As you approach the middle, highest earning years of your career it is time to look at asset protection and estate planning.  Much of this involves proper risk management products.  Through Virtus and our Dental Planning Network we can handle all of your insurance needs.  

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