Dental Students & Residents

Nationwide presence and one of the largest providers of in-classroom financial literacy eduation.


Since 2009, Virtus has been a provider in educating dental students and residents across the nation. Through our curriculum-based workshops, we've been able to arm thousands of young dental professionals with the knowledge and confidence to make those early important financial decisions as they enter their career.

National Webinar Series
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Pre-Graduation Planning

As you transition into the next phase of your career it is important to understand the decisions you will be faced with early in your career.  In fact, the majority of the decisions you will make will occur in your first 5 years of your career.  We're here to be your "coach" as you learn and grow into your early financial plan.

Discounted Disability Insurance


Student Loan Planning


Foundational Investing

Life Insurance

First 18 Months

Your first job likely won't be your last.  Preparing your personal balance sheet is arguably the most important component of your financial plan early in your career.  Many will want to get into business ownership, which has proven to yield higher returns than any other traditional investments that advisors might recommend to you.  We embrace this.  We help instill patience and diligence in that first year to put you on a positive glide path of financial success.

Maximizing Your Employee Benefits

Cash Management Strategies

Managing Your Debt

Practice Acquisition Planning

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