Associate Dentist

So you've made it through the first couple years of being a practicing dentist.  You might be still working for a DSO or maybe you're a junior associate for a small neighborhood practice.  You might have benefits at work that you need to understand.  Maybe you're still on the fence as to whether or not you will ever want to be a practice owner.  Or possibly, you like the "somewhat" simpler life of clocking and clock out of your career.  Regardless of your situation, your financial plan is completely different than that of a practice owner and it is important for you to get a grasp on where you are and where do you want to go.  Practice owners do have a slight advantage over the average associate in that they're building equity in their hands every day.  Associate dentists typically need and can save more of their income early in their career than that of a practice owner or aspiring practice owner.  However, many times we see these individuals depending too much on their workplace retirement plan and believing that is adequate to hit their long-term goals.  Through extensive discovery meetings, building your financial plan and continuing to manage our relationship throughout your career, you can feel confident that you too, can build equity in your hands, without owning a practice. 

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