Dental Students &  Residents

Establishing a strong start in the first 18 months of your financial plan by educating you on your student loans. budgeting, disability insurance, path to ownership, and growing your net worth.

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Collaborating to build and implement a plan to grow your wealth and achieve your goals either as an associate or an associate preparing for ownership.

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An owner has the challenge of being a Dentist and CEO. We are here to help you build your wealth as efficiently as possible by tailoring our planning around asset management, tax planning strategies, protection strategies and business owner-focused benefits.

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Our Process

Virtus Financial Partners take pride in our knowledge and experience in the Dental Profession Industry. From preparing for graduation to building your career and into retirement, allow us to help you with your financial journey.

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Our Difference

We live by a code – Our goal is for our clients to receive more service from us than we receive in the form of revenue from them.

Many of the decisions you need to make when managing your financial plan take time to learn and then trust to implement. These decisions are not derived from computer systems and online surveys. They are derived from regular meetings and access to your advisor. It involves your advisor realizing that it’s not about the fees they collect but more about the level of service they provide. 

Service is a core value at Virtus Financial's our oath to you. 

Virtus Financial Partners strives to provide our clients with the highest standard of service. We strive to provide you with whatever education you need to empower you to make confident decisions. Those decisions are built on trust. 

We invite you to come experience Our Difference. 

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